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Pet Hair Trimmer

Pet Hair Trimmer

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The 2 in 1 Pet Hair Trimmer comes with 2 detachable heads including guards for both cats and dogs. The trimmer is useful for cutting the overgrown hair of your cat or dog. Using the interactive PETKIT app, create a unique profile for your pet in order to make their life and yours comfortable. The stylish trimmer is very easy to use and clean. It is white in color and has multi-use heads with a powerful rechargeable battery. It comes with two detachable heads, two guards for different heads, and also includes a lubrication oil.

STYLISH CUTTING BLADE: Amazing cutting blade helps to cut your pet's hair smoothly. Convenient for short to medium hair, to avoid any hair from jamming up.

MULTI-USE HEADS: This trimmer comes with multiple heads to help you with the hard-to-reach areas, even between the paw pads.

GENTLE GROOMING EXPERIENCE: The low vibrations and ultra-quiet design help to ease your pet's nervousness during the grooming session.

RECHARGABLE BATTERY: The trimmer uses a rechargeable battery. You can plug into the power source by using the USB port located on the trimmer's bottom.

EASY TO USE: Simple features are available for use and it is much more pet friendly.
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